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Your Little Giant Brewery Opportunity


The Little Giant Brewery Company have developed a totally unique brewing system that takes up a fraction of the space that a traditional micro brewery would use

Our engineers have produced a system taking a tiny footprint of just 1.85m x 2.2m x 2.5m. Yet our system still produces a staggering 600 litres of beer per cycle in just 4.5 hours. As this is fully automated via patented touchscreen software there’s no need to spend much time monitoring the process. Impressive stuff eh?

You don’t have any previous experience in brewing? No problem. The Little Giant Brewery has crafted 4 unique beer recipes that are guaranteed to make your customers thirsty for more. And for total piece-of-mind we monitor all of your brews via our online digital tracking software ensuring you get that consistent taste and flavoured brew every time.

To ensure 100% consistency the Little Giant Brewery supplies all of the brewing materials directly to each franchisee. Each brew recipe has been developed by our award-winning master brewer, Martin Cullimore producing 4 stunning beers –
FE, FI, FO and FUM.

The beauty of running a Little Giant Brewery franchise is its flexibility. It’s not just about selling beer over a bar. Without the restrictions that often come from the big brewing houses there’s many more opportunities to expand on sales. Self Brew gives you the opportunity to brew on behalf of smaller venues on a regular basis. And who doesn’t like a good ‘party’? With Party Brew you offer small groups the opportunity to experience the whole brewing process in the relaxed atmosphere of your premises.

Our brewery is designed for trendy bars and restaurants, sports clubs, community pubs and is delivered as one directly to your door.

As you gain brewing experience you may want to start developing your own recipes. With further training at our Bristol HQ you can really start to make a profitable contribution to our franchise family.

Become a Giant amongst Little Giants and ask about our franchise packages today.

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